The Indiana the slimmest remote wall multi-deck cabinet in the Coldco open chiller cabinet range 

It is available in lengths starting from 1.25m and it can be installed in sales areas where the optimisation equals use of limited space represents its main characteristic and function. 


The Berlina is the maximum expression of style and comes in a wide variety of versions that make it suitable for supermarkets and hypermarkets. The version obsidian ensures maximum attraction with good energy consumption saving you money, whilst earning.


The LONDINA is maximum impact  and durability it comes in stainless steel. Like the Berlina it is suitable for supermarkets and hypermarkets. This version  ensures maximum longevity, attraction with great value due to extended lifespan of stainless steel saving you money, whilst earning for longer. 

COLDCO PARISA 70, 80, 90 & 90D

The exceptional flexibility of the Parisa models make them ideal for any size outlet. Available also in the version with glazed and hinged doors to ensure reduced energy consumption of over 40% with the same refrigerating power.

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