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Panama 2 is one of the slimmest remote wall multi-deck cabinet on the market for limited space. 

The Panama 2 is a very robust, advanced wall cabinet in the range. It is available in six depths and it can be installed in sales areas where the optimisation of ground-encumbrance represents its main characteristic. 


Chester 2 optimizes the display of products thanks to the reduction of shelf thickness and pitch. The combination of the different shelf depths allows the product on display to be highlighted, exploiting the lighting of sales outlets. Offers a considerably reduced frontal impact thanks to the use of new design concepts. The complete range includes also headcases. 


The exceptional flexibility of the Lisbona models make them ideal for any size outlet. Available also in the version with double blind (with double air flow) to ensure reduced energy consumption with the same refrigerating power. 


Berlino 3 is the maximum expression of functional flexibility and comes in a wide variety of versions that make it suitable for supermarkets and hypermarkets. The version 2C (with double air curtain) ensures reduced energy consumption with the same refrigerating power.

Arneg ULM3

Thanks to the front panel of 19 cm, Ulm 3 offers a larger display surface than a classic vertical cabinet and a higher productivity per square meter. Correct conservation of the products is ensured by the insulated basin, unique for this category. The complete range includes also headcases.

Arneg Valencia

With its innovative shape, the vertical Valencia cabinet is the result of extensive research in esthetics combined with highly functional features. The new concept to display food products has been designed to attract attention, increase visibility and let the customer select the products easily.

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